Georgia Sports Betting: When Will Georgia Sportsbooks be Legal and Launch?

Hopes that Georgia sports betting would be legalized in 2023 were dashed when bills failed to pass through the state house and senate. This was the fourth consecutive year that such bills were unable to negotiate the legislative process. It is highly likely that there will be further efforts in 2024 to clear the path for Georgia sportsbooks to launch.

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Georgia Legalized Sports Betting at a Glance

Is Sport Betting Legal in Georgia?No, Not Legal Yet
📰 Latest Development December 2023HB 237 Tabled In The Senate
📆 When Will Sportsbooks Launch?2024 at the earliest
🎯 Expected Georgia SportsbooksBetMGM, Caesars, FanDuel, DraftKings, ESPN BET
Last UpdatedDecember 5, 2023

Is Sports Betting Legal in Georgia?

No, sports betting in Georgia is not legal. Despite repeated efforts by Georgia legislators to change the state’s current strict laws against gambling, there are no sports betting sites in Georgia.

In fact, very few forms of gambling are permitted in the Peach State; there are no land-based Georgia casinos here. Its only casino ship, the Emerald Princess, has to sail from Brunswick to international waters before wagering can begin.

When Will Sports Betting Be Legal in Georgia?

The failure of the latest attempt, in March 2023, to legalize Georgia online sports betting means it will be 2024 at the earliest before the law changes.

It will probably take a constitutional amendment – which means putting the proposal to a public vote – to legalize online betting in Georgia. If that is the case, and legalization cannot simply be voted through by the state legislature, the market is unlikely to launch until 2025.

Georgia Sports Betting Launch Updates December 2023

There have been repeated attempts to legalize sports betting in Georgia in recent years, despite this being historically one of the least gambling-friendly states in the union.

  • 📆 2023: Multiple sports betting bills are launched but these efforts were once again in vain. The wait for legal Georgia sports betting apps and websites will be pushed to 2024 at the earliest as the sports betting bill to legalize sports wagering in 2023 was not approved or even discussed by the state Senate.
  • 📆 2022: Rep. Stephens tries again to push through gambling legislation that would make it on to the ballot for November’s public vote, but is unsuccessful.
  • 📆 2021: Rep. Stephens launches a bill to permit Georgia online sports betting that passes through the senate but that, and other bills, are foiled by political wrangling.
  • 📆 2020: Neighboring Tennessee’s legalization of sports betting galvanizes efforts in Georgia. One bill fails to make it out of senate committee, while Rep. Ron Stephens’s efforts to put the matter to a public vote are unsuccessful.
  • 📆 2019: Georgia responds slowly to the repeal of PASPA; there are preliminary discussions about launching legalization bills, but they do not gain momentum.
  • 📆 2018: States gain the right to legalize sports betting when the US Supreme Court overturns the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

Georgia Sports Betting: Latest News & Updates – December 2023

The latest news on Georgia sports betting is that the Peach State will have to wait another year to try and pass a sports betting bill after efforts failed in 2023. That marked the fifth straight year that bills were unable to move through the legislative process. For now, stay up-to-date by following the latest Georgia sports betting news.

Best Georgia Sportsbooks Expected to Launch in 2024

🏆 BetMGM GeorgiaBest Georgia Sportsbook
FanDuel GeorgiaMost Trusted Sportsbook
📺 Caesars GeorgiaBest for Odds Boosts
🏈 DraftKings GeorgiaBest for NFL Betting
🆕 ESPN BET GeorgiaBest New Sportsbook
🛍️ Fanatics Sportsbook GeorgiaBest for Merchandise Discounts

There are several leading online brands have obtained licenses in most of the states where mobile sports betting is now legal. As a result, you can expect them to be interested in operating Georgia sports betting sites once the time comes.

For instance, it will be a surprise if the market opens without a BetMGM Georgia Sportsbook or a Caesars Georgia Sportsbook, given that both companies are thriving in more than a dozen states each.

Similarly, operators that offer Daily Fantasy Sports games in the Peach State will be keen to use that enhanced profile to attract Georgia bettors.

You can expect the DraftKings Georgia Sportsbook and the FanDuel Georgia Sportsbook – whose equivalents in other states are always at the top of the table for handle and revenue – to launch here.

Ranking the Best Georgia Sportsbooks

When it comes to online sports betting, GA will be home to a highly competitive market place filled with great sportsbooks. Naming the best will always be a personal choice, particularly when there are so many quality operators vying for your custom.

Once the time comes where Georgia sportsbook apps are legal and available across the state, it will be important for sports bettors to take the time to figure out which features are the most important for them and find an operator that matches what they're looking for. 

What Sportsbooks are in Georgia?

Sports betting in GA remains against the law, so there are currently no Georgia sports betting sites. If 2024 sees a successful push to legalize online sports betting, Georgia can expect to host several respected and experienced operators.

Among the brands who would be highly likely to apply for a license are BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings Georgia, Caesars, ESPN BET, and Fanatics Sportsbook.

There are several other companies who might apply for a license to explore the opportunities in sports betting Georgia will have to offer, including BetRivers, Hard Rock Bet, bet365, Betfred, and others.

When Will Georgia Sportsbooks Launch?

It all depends on when Georgia legalizes sports wagering. Once that happens, it could take anywhere between a few months to a year for the state to hand out licenses and for sportsbooks to launch their sites and apps in Georgia.

Since Georgia does not currently have any legalized forms of gambling, it could take the Georgia Lottery longer to get sports betting up and running compared to other states.

How Many Sportsbooks are There in Georgia?

There are currently no legal Georgia sportsbooks, and that will not change until GA online sports betting is legalized. The most recent legislation, HB 380, which failed to pass in March 2023, included up to 16 mobile betting licenses, in addition to five retail betting licenses.

It is likely that the renewed attempts to legalize sports betting in Georgia will push for a similar number of licenses.  

Sportsbooks Partnered with Georgia Sports Teams

In states where sports betting is legal, leading online gambling companies forge fruitful relationships with the top sports teams. Many NFL and NBA sides now have an official betting partner.

If the law is changed to allow Georgia betting sites to operate, that pattern will likely be followed in the Peach State, which is home to popular teams in three of the big four sports. Some states legislative bills require sportsbooks to secure an in-state partner, while other states like Tennessee do not require such partnerships.

However, many of the governing bodies of those sports already have close relationships with the wagering world. The NFL, for instance, has three official sports betting partners in FanDuel, Caesars Sportsbook Georgia and DraftKings, as well as secondary deals with additional operators.

Can you Sports Bet in Georgia?

No, you cannot bet on sports in Georgia. And you will not be able to visit legal GA sports betting sites until the state decides to change its strict laws prohibiting virtually all forms of gambling.

The next attempt to legalize betting in Georgia will be made in 2024. If that is successful, we will be delighted to help you learn all about how to enjoy sports betting in GA.

How to Bet on Sports in Georgia

You cannot bet on sports in Georgia yet. There is no retail location where you can place a wager on a sports event. Neither is there such a thing as Georgia sports betting sites for online users.

There are hopes that legislation to legalize GA sports betting will be passed in due course, but 2023 was the fourth year running in which such efforts were in vain.

Where Can I Bet on Sports in Georgia?

There is currently no place where you can bet on sports in Georgia. Under the state’s laws, there are no GA sportsbooks – either retail or online.

The only way this situation will change is through the legalization of sports betting in Georgia. The latest efforts to achieve this were unsuccessful in March 2023 – the fourth consecutive year in which bills were introduced but not passed.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Georgia?

No, online betting is not available in Georgia. There have been repeated attempts to change the law in recent years but each of these efforts has failed to gain any significant momentum.

It is expected that state legislators will try in 2024, which will be the fifth year in a row that bills to legalize Georgia sportsbooks have been launched.

How GA Sports Betting Compares to Other Legal States

Since Georgia has not legalized sports betting yet, it is not possible to compare it with other states where wagering is within the law. However, it is interesting to note the numbers from neighboring Tennessee, where online-only sports betting went live in November 2020.

By March 2023, the 12 online sportsbooks in the Volunteer State had handled more than $5 billion in sports bets, with nearly $74 million raised by the state in taxes.

Who Regulates Georgia Sports Gambling?

Given that a legal GA sports betting industry is not permitted under state law, it is no surprise that there is no regulator for Georgia online sports betting yet. The absence of land-based casinos in the Peach State means there is no overall gambling body either.

If Georgia sports betting is legalized, it is likely that it will be administered by a body such as the state lottery.

What is the Legal Age to Bet in Georgia?

You must be aged 21 or over to gamble in Georgia. That is the age you have to be to board the only casino ship based in the state.

It is virtually certain that, if and when Georgia sports betting is legalized, it will have the same minimum age requirement. The Georgia Lottery is the only form of gambling you can enjoy from the age of 18.

Do I Need to Be a Georgia Resident to Bet Online?

You will not have to be a resident of the Peach State to place bets at Georgia sportsbooks. However, you will need to be physically located within state lines to be able to use online betting GA sites and apps – and operators use geo-location technology to make sure you are.

You will also need to be at least 21 years old, and will have to prove your age during the process of registering for a sports betting GA account.

Georgia Sports Betting Licenses

Until the state legalizes the activity of wagering on sports, the number of online betting Georgia licenses that are issued will not be finalized. However, we can extrapolate the likely figure from Georgia sports betting bill HB 380, which was launched unsuccessfully in early 2023.

This legislation provided for the issue of up to 16 licenses for GA sports betting sites – nine to be held by sports teams and venues, and the others going to commercial gambling operators.

Georgia Sports Betting Revenue Projections 2024

Without certainty on the number of licenses to be issued, or the tax rate imposed, it is impossible to predict accurately how much revenue might be driven by Georgia sportsbooks.

Georgia, with a population of nearly 11 million and a proven appetite for top-level sport, could be expected to host a busy and lucrative online sports betting GA scene.

There have been estimates from proponents of Georgia online sports betting that the tax revenue for the state in its first year alone could be more than $300 million.

Georgia Sports Betting Legislation Explained

The most recent Georgia sports betting bill - HB-237 - could have a floor vote in the next few weeks after clearing a Senate committee in early March. The bill was originally designed to designate an official state soap box derby but now includes language to legalize sports betting.

Choosing the Best Georgia Online Sportsbook

If and when the state decides to legalize sports betting sites, Georgia will be home to a range of the industry’s top operators. How will you be able to choose between such a stellar range of GA sportsbooks?

There are several factors you can take into account to help you find the best place to play when sports betting GA becomes a reality.

Read Reviews

All the brands who operate Georgia sports betting sites will have extensive experience of doing business in other states. Some operators are now live in more than 20 territories.

There are plenty of sites where you can read the thoughts of customers of those sportsbooks. Check out their reviews to see if there are particular positives associated with a sportsbook – and any complaints that crop up regularly.

What Bets are Allowed?

While many bet types will be available at all Georgia online sports betting platforms, there can be subtle differences between them.

Some GA online sports betting operators may focus on particular types of bets, such as live betting or props. Others may even boast a unique style of betting – PointsBetting at PointsBet is a good example.

Competitive Odds

If you want to wager on the Atlanta Falcons to win their next NFL game, and two sportsbooks have them at +110 on the moneyline while a third is offering +125, you know where to wager. Finding the best odds will be an important consideration for many Georgia bettors.

As you become more experienced, you will know which books offering sports betting GA fans should look to for the best odds on certain sports at particular times.

Welcome Bonus

When you register for an account to enjoy sports betting in Georgia, you should receive a generous welcome bonus. This could take the form of a second chance on your first bet, or a deposit match that gives your bankroll a significant boost.

Check out the various sign-up bonuses available to see which one you find most appealing.

User Experience

One way of choosing between online betting sites in Georgia is by rating the user experience. You should be looking for an operator that makes sports betting Georgia stress-free and enjoyable.

Look for a book with great design and navigation, and that enables you quickly and easily to access the market you want and place your bet.

Deposits + Withdrawals

When they offer you the chance to enjoy online sports betting, Georgia operators should make it as easy as possible for you to deposit money into your account.

There should be a host of banking methods available; check carefully to see that you can use an option that suits you. And double-check that, if you are planning to withdraw funds after a win, your preferred method is open to you.

Customer Service

There should be plenty of ways to contact your chosen Georgia sports betting operator if you have a query or a complaint. The best GA sportsbooks will have a toll-free phone number and a 24/7 live chat feature.

You may also be able to access customer support through email or via social media channels, while you may find the answer you seek in a comprehensive FAQ section.

Why Sign Up For Multiple Georgia Sports Betting Sites?

Novice bettors sometimes believe they are allowed to sign up with only one sports betting provider. This is definitely not the case; and there are many good reasons why you should register as a customer at multiple Georgia sportsbooks.

This will enable you to compare prices so that you can get the best odds on any bet. You can also find the operator that makes your online betting GA most enjoyable, and by signing up with more than one site you can take advantage of several welcome bonuses.   

Promotions for Georgia Sportsbooks

Promotions will be a key feature of Georgia sports betting sites. They are used by sportsbooks to attract and retain your custom, and should add spice and value to your wagering experience.

Georgia sportsbook promos should start with a great welcome bonus, such as a second-chance bonus bet or a deposit match.

You should then expect to be able to access offers such as odds boosts, parlay insurance, and special bonuses around big sports events.

Retail Sports Betting vs. Mobile Sports Betting

Many of the bills that have been launched in vain in recent years have tried to introduce online-only GA sports betting. Others have envisaged retail wagering too, even though there are no land-based casinos in the Peach State and there would be a need to create premises where retail sportsbooks could operate.

Large numbers of bettors still enjoy the buzz of visiting a retail sportsbook where you are surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts – and where you can raise any issues with staff on the premises.

However, it is likely that in the event of the legalization of online sports betting, Georgia residents will find this a far more attractive option. The ability to place bets without having to leave your home, or make a special trip to licensed locations, is enormously attractive.

Georgia online sports betting brands will deliver superb mobile and online platforms that make it easy and enjoyable to place wagers. That ease and convenience are key to the appeal of mobile betting. As long as you have a signal, you can place a bet wherever you are in the state. You could even be in the arena watching the game you want to wager on.

Available Sports Wagers at Legal Sports Betting Sites

The best Georgia sports betting sites will offer you a host of ways to place bets on your favorite sports. Among the common wager types you should find there are:

  • Moneylines If you just want to wager on the Atlanta Braves to win their next Major League game – no frills, no handicaps – this is the best way to do it. This is one of the most popular bets around, so you’ll find it near the top of the coupon. All you have to do is make your selection and stake your money.
  • Parlays Given the chance to enjoy sports betting, Georgia sports fans will flock to parlays. Make several picks, put down a single stake and, as each one wins, your payout rolls on to the next. You could end up with a huge return – but the catch is that if just one selection loses, you end up with zero.
  • Totals The most common type of total bet is on the combined number of points scored by both teams in a game. Though there are plenty of other over/under options. Georgia sportsbooks will quote a figure and you decide whether the actual number will be higher or lower, and wager accordingly.
  • Point Spreads A massively popular option with sports fans, particularly on the NFL. These are handicap wagers; GA sports betting sites will give the underdog a notional start to even up the odds on both teams. You then decide whether or not the favorite will win by more than that amount.
  • Futures When it comes to online betting, Georgia fans will focus mainly on a match about to start or already under way. But you can look much further ahead than that. If you believe the Atlanta Hawks will win the next NBA Finals, for instance, you will be able to put your money down before the regular season gets under way.
  • Prop Bets Within any game, there are plenty of outcomes you can wager on without worrying who will win or lose overall. There will be numerous Georgia sports betting options in the list of props on any game – you may be surprised just how many markets there can be to bet on.
  • Live Betting The digital technology used by the best Georgia sports betting sites and apps is so advanced that odds can be updated instantly during a game. That makes it possible for operators to take live bets – and many GA online sports betting sites will offer that facility on a huge number of events.
  • Prohibited Bets There are some events you are simply not allowed to wager on. They include politics – no legal operator offering betting in Georgia will allow you bet on an election. There are also restrictions in some states on betting on college sports. It remains to be seen if, when it allows sports betting, GA follows suit.

Georgia Sports to Bet On

Georgia is a state that loves its sport. As well as being home to teams in three of the big four sports, it also hosts one of the most iconic annual golf tournaments in the world, the Masters.

Atlanta hosted the summer Olympics in 1996, and will stage matches in the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The sports you can expect to be able to wager on at Georgia sportsbooks include:


NFL Betting

It’s the richest league in the world, and it commands the attention and devotion of fans across the nation. The NFL is always big, big business – and that will definitely apply to sports betting in GA too. Football is hugely popular with bettors, and as a result you will always find plenty of wagering options when you try sports betting in Georgia. 

NBA Betting

Basketball is football’s closest rival in terms of the amount of attention it gets from American sports fans – and the level of betting you can expect to see at Georgia sports betting sites. The high-scoring nature of basketball makes it ideal for totals betting, while the frequent breaks in play offers plenty of opportunities for in-play wagers. 

MLB Betting

The Atlanta Braves’ most recent World Series triumph, in 2021, ensured that baseball’s profile in the Peach State is as high as ever. When they have the chance to offer online sports betting, GA sportsbooks will carry extensive markets on the Major League action. Look out for large numbers of props to enjoy within every game. 

NHL Betting

Hockey is now a genuinely national sport thanks to the determined expansion efforts of the NHL in recent decades. Georgia has been without an NHL team since the demise of the Atlanta Thrashers in 2011, but this is a sport that sees a steady level of betting through the regular season and up to the Stanley Cup Finals.

College Sports Betting

If and when Georgia sports betting is legalized, it will be interesting to see if wagering on college sports is permitted. Some states restrict bets on college athletes. Georgia is home to several leading programs, and fans of the Bulldogs of the University of Georgia, and the Panthers of Georgia State University, will hope to have a chance to wager on their teams.

Soccer Betting

The exploits of Atlanta United keep the profile of soccer high in Georgia, where the sport has plenty of fans. As well as being able to wager on MLS action, you will find a host of opportunities when sports betting in Georgia to wager on major international leagues and tournaments such as the EPL and the Champions League.

Golf Betting

Georgia is justifiably proud to be the home of the Masters, which draws the eyes of golf fans across the world to August each spring. Golf is a sport that has bolstered its betting profile, and you will find a host of appealing markets when you visit Georgia online sports betting operators.

Motorsports Betting

Georgia has a strong tradition when it comes to motorsports, and the Peach State is currently home to more than 20 racetracks and drag strips. You should expect to find significant opportunities to wager on a range of motorsports at sports betting sites in Georgia, on everything from NASCAR to Formula One.

Georgia Sports Teams To Bet On

There are plenty of local teams in Georgia that gamblers will likely consider wagering on when the state decides to legalize sports betting. Here are the most popular teams that are sure to attract the eyes of gamblers.

  • Atlanta Falcons The Falcons drew a record total seasonal attendance to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the 2022 season – despite finishing with a 7-10 record in the NFC South. This is a team that can count on the loyal support of fans who believe their heroes can bring home a first Super Bowl. That's despite their agonizing near-miss in the 2017 Super Bowl, when they held a 28-3 lead over the New England Patriots – and lost.
  • Atlanta Hawks The Hawks have offered their fans a tantalizing glimpse of what might be recently. They won a first divisional title for six years by topping the Southeast in 2020-21, but lost in the Conference finals to the Milwaukee Bucks – who went on to win the NBA Finals. The Hawks draw staunch support from their home city and record solid attendances at the State Farm Arena.
  • Atlanta Braves Hopes are high among Georgia baseball fans that the Atlanta Braves could soon repeat their 2021 World Series win. That 4-2 win over the Houston Astros took the Braves’ popularity to new levels, and they set a total attendance record for their Truist Park home of more than 3.1 million the following season. They started the 2023 season as one of the favorites to prevail again in the Fall Classic.
  • Atlanta United This is a Major League Soccer club with serious support. Atlanta United’s average home attendance in 2022 was more than 47,000 – the best by far in the MLS and one of the highest in the world. Those fans have seen plenty of success in recent seasons, with victories in the MLS Cup and the Eastern Conference Championship in 2018, followed by US Open Cup triumph the following season.
  • Georgia Bulldogs The reigning, defending College Football Playoff National Champions. And zero reason to think they can't do it again after the Bulldogs went undefeated last season. Just know, Bulldog Nation, that betting on in-state college sports hasn't been decided.

Other Georgia Betting Options

Georgia is not very liberal with its gambling laws, and as a result there are few options for those who wish to gamble in the state.

Casinos in Georgia

There is only one casino in Georgia – the Emerald Princess, which is berthed in Brunswick. And you can only play on its hundreds of slot machines and table games when the ship has sailed out into international waters.

In many states, casinos host retail sportsbooks – the absence of any land-based establishments means it will be harder to get retail Georgia sports betting off the ground quickly.

It's worth noting you can access a social casino called High5Casino in Georgia. This is a legal, free to play casino site with 800+ games. 

Charitable Bingo

One form of gambling that is permitted in Georgia is charitable bingo. There are more than 100 auditoriums and bingo halls across the Peach State, and they attract thousands of people to play games with cash prizes at stake. You are allowed to play bingo, and take part in raffles, from the age of 18 upwards.

Georgia Lottery

The Georgia Lottery has been in operation since 1992, and it offers a host of daily and weekly games. One of the advantages of the state lottery is that you can buy your tickets online. If Georgia sports betting is legalized, it is highly likely that the lottery will assume responsibility for regulating GA sportsbooks.

Deposit and Withdrawal from GA Legal Sports Betting Sites

The movement of money into and out of your online sports gambling accounts is a hot button issue in the Peach State. What's important to know is that in places where mobile betting is up and running, you'll find that operators will provide secure transactions as part of being licensed by the state, and Georgia will probably fall in line here.

The most common bankrolling options are debit and credit cards, online banking, prepaid cards, e-check and PayPal, though Venmo is becoming more common. Not every bank wants to deal with gambling operators, so you'll need to make sure yours does. If it doesn't all is not lost. There are plenty of alternatives available.

Withdrawal options are mostly similar to the deposit options, but you'll want to be sure to understand what the lead time is on a withdrawal. As you can probably guess, electronic transfers move the fastest - you can get your money inside of a couple of days, max. If you'd rather take a paper check, you may be checking the mailbox for a few weeks.

VISAInstant Deposits1-5 Day(s) Withdrawals
MasterCardInstant DepositsNo Withdrawals
American ExpressInstant DepositsNo Withdrawals
VenmoInstant Deposits2-5 Day(s) for Withdrawals
PayPalInstant Deposits2-7 Day(s) Withdrawals
Bank Transfer1-3 Day(s) for Deposits3-7 Days for Withdrawals

Responsible Gambling in Georgia

One of the main motivations for those who oppose Georgia online sports betting is the fear that it is an activity that can lead to gambling problems.

As a result, the brands most likely to operate sports betting sites in Georgia one day have a strong focus on responsible gambling. They understand that, while this is a harmless leisure activity for most people, it can cause issues for a small minority of players.

If sites are launched offering online sports betting, Georgia customers will find a prominent link on every home page that leads to a wealth of information about gambling responsibly.

You can expect to access detailed information about setting wagering limits, taking time away from betting, and spotting the signs that suggest you may be at risk of developing a gambling problem.

There will also be links to expert agencies that can provide practical support and assistance, including via 24-hour helplines. These bodies will include the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, and the state branch of the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Georgia Sports Betting FAQs


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