Where Does Georgia Rank Among Leaders In National PGA Tour Interest?

Where Does Georgia Rank Among Leaders In National PGA Tour Interest?
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With the Masters in the rearview mirror and the heart of the PGA Tour calendar on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to assess where the Peach State stacks up in its pro golf interest.  

With National Golf Day arriving on May 10th and the excitement around golf over the past year (due to the PGA vs. LIV conflict), BetGeorgia.com decided to look at which states across the United States are the most interested in the PGA Tour.   

We break from Georgia sportsbook updates to break down the most PGA Tour-loving states.

Most PGA Tour-Loving States In The US

BetGeorgia.com utilized 3 combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 US States from most to least into the PGA Tour. We utilized World Population Review’s ranking of “Golf Courses Per Capita,”, Google Trend’s search interest of the “PGA Tour” over past 12 months and extra points for the states with the most Top 30 ranked PGA event, based on Stadium Talk

Here’s what we found for Georgia residents, as the 2023 PGA Tour season ramps up:  

RankStatePoints for Golf Course DensityPGA Tour Search Interest Top PGA Events Total Points
2South Carolina375046133
3 Ohio454342130
4 North Carolina363646118
5 Illinois383046114
6 Pennsylvania422839109
7 Arizona124742101
8Kentucky28 284298
9 New York43 114296

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Georgia Residents Crack Top-10 Nationally In PGA Tour Interest

Georgia has a natural tie to the tour, thanks to having Augusta National inside the state’s boundaries and a bountiful selection of local players on the circuit.  

Overall, the Peach State finished with the second-highest score when it came to “Top PGA Events,” at 47 (behind Florida’s 49), while the state’s scores of 27 points for golf courses per square mile and 19 for PGA Tour search interest ranked much lower among the top states nationally.  

Of the top 10 states, Georgia’s PGA Tour search interest ranked ninth, ahead of New York’s 11 and behind Kentucky’s score of 28.

Georgia’s golf courses per square mile score of 27 ranked ninth overall as well, ahead of Arizona (12) and behind Kentucky (28) nationally.  

Overall, the state finished with 93 points to finish 10th in the U.S., coming in just behind New York (96 points) and Kentucky (98 points).  

Nationally, Florida led all states in PGA Tour interest, with 139 points, while South Carolina (133 points), Ohio (130 points), North Carolina (118 points), and Illinois (114 points) rounded out the top five in the country.   

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