Braves Players Most Likely to Get Caught Stealing Bases

Braves Players Most Likely to Get Caught Stealing Bases
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The Atlanta Braves did a lot of things well to win 105 games in 2023, including using their speed effectively to put opponents on their collective back feet on the base paths.  

The defending NL East champs finished the year with the 10th most steals of any team, at 132, in 2023, ranking just behind the San Diego Padres (137) and ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers (129).  

As we begin to thaw out from the winter, the MLB season is gearing up to full swing. stepped out of the batter's box of Georgia sports betting updates and looked into the 2023 Atlanta Braves player statistics on to find out which current players are most likely to get cause stealing bases.  

Results are based on total stolen bases and total times being caught stealing bases. From this data, Austin Riley (44% caught rate), Travis d’Arnaud (33% caught rate), and Luis Gulliorme (33% caught rate) are most likely to get caught stealing bases, while Sean Murphy, Ronald Acuna Jr., and Michael Harris II have the best ongoing percentages. All data is according to each player’s MLB career up to the end of the 2023 season, not just as a Braves player. This does not include any pitchers. 

Atlanta Braves Player Records

The type of stats below is something that could help bettors on Georgia sportsbook apps in the future. Here are some stolen base stats from various Atlanta Braves players.

Player Name Stolen Bases Caught Stealing Games Played % Caught Over Total Attempts
J.P. Martinez 0 0 17 -
Sean Murphy 1 0 438 0%
Ronald Acuna Jr. 180 6 673 3%
Michael Harris II 40 6 252 13%
Forrest Wall 5 1 15 17%
Ozzie Albies 76 19 772 20%
Matt Olson 8 2 899 20%
Orlando Arcia 41 16 781 28%
Jarred Kelenic24 11 252 31%
Marcell Ozuna 28 14 1307 33%
Luis Guillorme 4 2 335 33%
Travis d’Arnaud 2 1 785 33%
Austin Riley 5 4 609 44%

Which Braves Are Most Likely To Get Caught Stealing?

The most likely Braves player to get tossed out stealing bases is infielder Austin Riley, who has been thrown out four time in nine career (44%) steal attempts,  beating out Luis Guillorme, Travis d’Arnaud and Marcell Ozuna, who have been caught stealing 33% of the time on 34 combined stolen base attempts.  

Conversely, among the team’s high-volume runners, infielder Ozzie Albies (75 stolen bases on 95 attempts/20%) and outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. (180 stolen bases on 186 attempts/13%) have a percentage caught over total attempts figure that ranks behind Sean Murphy (0% on one stolen base attempt), Michael Harris II (13% over 46 attempts) and Forrest Wall (17% over 6 attempts).  

As for this year’s Braves team, oddsmakers from ESPN BET expect the defending NL East champs to be among the best teams in the league once again, with +600 World Series odds (second behind the L.A. Dodgers at +400) and a preseason win total over/under of 101.5 as Atlanta looks to reach the postseason for a seventh straight season in 2024.  

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