Atlanta Braves Among MLB’s Least Mistake-Prone Teams In 2023

Atlanta Braves Among MLB’s Least Mistake-Prone Teams In 2023
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While the Atlanta Braves’ World Series defense ultimately fizzled out well short of another title in 2023, it’s hard to blame that lack of postseason success on the team’s play on the field. That’s because the Braves were among the best teams in the Majors in error prevention over the last three seasons, which is likely of little surprise to Atlanta fans, considering their average win total of 97.7 per season between 2021 and 2023.  

That on-field success is already paying dividends for the Braves in the year ahead, with oddsmakers from ESPN BET listing Atlanta as the No. 2 title favorite, at +700, ranking behind the L.A. Dodgers at +450 and ahead of the New York Yankees, who are listed at +800.   

As we move into the depths of the offseason, it is important to dissect what MLB teams can do to follow the formula of successful teams of late. - your home for the latest Georgia sports betting updates - used to look at the most to least mistake-prone MLB teams by looking at the average errors per game for each MLB team over the past 3 seasons.  

Least Mistake-Prone MLB Teams (Last 3 Seasons)

Rank Team Average Errors Per Game*
1 St. Louis Cardinals 0.446
2 Seattle Mariners 0.450
3 Houston Astros 0.457
4 San Diego Padres 0.470
5 Atlanta Braves 0.480
6 Baltimore Orioles 0.483
7 Texas Rangers 0.487
8 Tampa Bay Rays 0.497
9 Arizona Diamondbacks 0.500
T-10 Los Angeles Dodgers 0.503
T-10 Toronto Blue Jays 0.503
*Rounded to nearest whole number

Braves Among MLB’s Best Defensive Teams

Between 2021 and 2023, the Braves posted the league’s fifth-best average errors per game number, coming in at .480 during those seasons. Overall, Atlanta ranks behind the MLB’s best defensive teams, such as the St. Louis Cardinals (.446 errors per game), Seattle Mariners (.450 errors per game), Houston Astros (.457 errors per game) and San Diego Padres (.470 errors per game).  

Conversely, the worst teams in the Majors when it came to errors per game were the San Francisco Giants. (.617 errors per game), Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox (.603 errors per game), Washington Nationals, and the Miami Marlins — who averaged .597 errors per game during the three-year interim.  

While 2023 didn’t result in another World Series title in the Peach State, at least Braves fans can rest easy knowing that their roster is one of the finest fielding collectives in the 30-team league.  

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