Are The Hawks Among The Most Stressed NBA Fanbases?

Are The Hawks Among The Most Stressed NBA Fanbases?
Fact Checked by Thomas Leary

The NBA 2022-23 regular season recently ended, and while it’s been an easier ride for some fans, it’s been quite a stressful time for others.

So, to find out who were likely the most stressed NBA fans this year, we at researched into which teams went through a real rollercoaster of emotions. To do this, we’ve ranked the NBA’s most stressed fanbases over the regular season to find out which supporters really felt the brunt of their teams’ wins and losses.

Simply read on to find out more and see where your team’s fanbase sits on the stress scale!

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The Top 5 Most Stressed NBA Supporters

The results are in and the most stressed NBA fanbases can be revealed – and it’s fans of the Dallas Mavericks that suffered the most, with a stress index score of 60.1 out of 100, coming in first place overall.

Next up were Atlanta Hawks supporters, in second place, with an index score of 55.5. Compared to the most stressed fanbase, the Mavericks, there’s still quite a difference in scores (4.6).

In third place were Utah Jazz devotees, who weren’t too far behind Hawks fans, with a stressed score of 54.2. Then came Minnesota Timberwolves supporters, stealing fourth place, with an index score of 53.8. And last but not least were Miami Heat fans - in fifth place; with a score of 53.5. 

The Mavericks experienced 20 close wins/losses over the course of the regular season, the second most behind the Miami Heat (22), and also had to deal with the third most games going into overtime (9).  

But maybe we're ignoring the elephant in the room. The Mavericks were trying to get back to the Western Conference Finals this season, and may have sold their soul in desperation. After letting emerging star Jalen Brunson walk in free agency (Brunson has since led the Knicks to the Eastern Conference Semifinals), the Mavericks desperately traded for embattled Nets guard Kyrie Irving at the trade deadline.

Things promptly went south. Despite at one point being 5 games over .500 and sitting in fifth place in the Western Conference, the Mavs cratered at the end of the season with a 7-18 stretch to miss the playoffs entirely. Stressful, to say the least.

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Hawks Come In At No. 2 Overall

Hawks supporters saw their team lose 39.6% of games where they were odds on favorites to win, as well as 41 total losses over the regular season. Not to mention, the Hawks also experienced 17 near wins/losses, which is obviously going to put a lot of pressure on supporting fans.

As well as coming second on the negative scale, Hawks supporters saw as many as 16.1% of negative social media comments overall. This was higher than any of the other most stressed fanbases in the top five – yikes! So, they may have come second, but if social media had a voice, it might’ve said otherwise…

In fact, Mavericks fans only saw 9.63% of negative social media comments appearing around their team online during the season. It was Timberwolves fans that saw the second-highest score when it came to social media, with 13.4% of comments floating around the internet for all to see! 

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This ranking shows the NBA’s most stressful teams of the 2022-23 regular season.

To create this, considered several different metrics. 

These included:

Weight = 20

  • Close wins/losses - Games won or lost with a margin of 3 or less.
  • Number of games in overtime - The number of games which went into overtime.
  • Losses as favorites - Games lost when tipped as the betting favorite.

Weight = 15

  • Losses - Total losses during the regular season.

Weight = 10

  • Negative comment percentage – The percentage of negative comments on Twitter and Reddit about the team between the 18th of October 2022 and the 9th of April 2023.

Weight = 5

  • Opponent steals per game - The average number of steals from the opposition team.
  • Opponent turnovers per game - The average number of turnovers from the opposition team.
  • Games missed through injuries - Total games missed by players through injury during the season.

To create the index, the above metrics were considered - some of which were weighted higher than others. For example, losing a game closely was deemed more stressful than turnovers per game. 

The final score was then given out of 100. And the higher the number, the more stressed the fanbase was over the regular season.




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