America’s Sleepiest States: See Where Georgia Ranks

If you set a new year’s resolution to get more sleep in 2023 and hail from the great state of Georgia, then you probably aren’t alone.  

That’s because the Peach State ranked atop the nation as America’s sleepiest state in 2022, thanks to a unique combination of lengthy commute times and collective work hours.  

After a long holiday season with family and the ending of the year, people can be exhausted. At, we decided to look at which states across the U.S. are the most tired going into 2023. utilized 3 combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 states, from "most sleepy" to "most well-rested." We utilized WebMD’s ranking of “Most Sleepy” based on surveys, the U.S. Census’ ranking of “Longest Commutes,” and’s “Most Work Hours.”

After crunching the returns from those three categories, we found that Georgia ranked as the sleepiest state in the country, thanks to its trifecta in the aforementioned categories.  

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Rank State Most Sleepy Survey Ranking Longest Commutes Ranking Most Work Hours Ranking
1 Georgia 679
2 West Virginia 11713
3 Tennessee 22111
4 Louisiana 10196
5 Texas 17154
6 Florida 51022
T-7 New Jersey 12328
T-7 Mississippi 92410
9 Alabama 82317

Why Georgia Scored Poorly Overall

It’s no secret that traffic in Georgia is far from ideal, especially for those living in the Atlanta area.  

Between the crawl of I-285 and the headache that is trying to get anywhere on I-85, traveling in the state’s capital can be a trying experience for locals and visitors alike.  

That, combined with Georgians' long work hours, leads to an outsized amount of time spent on the roads of the state, which further exacerbates the state’s sleep quandary.  

Georgia managed to knock off states like West Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Texas for the No. 1 spot, thanks in large part to its consistently low scores across the three determining metrics.  

Even though the states Georgia finished ahead of have categories with worse scores, the fact that the Peach State managed to score in the bottom 10 of each gave them enough traction to earn the distinction as America’s sleepiest state.  

Georgia’s northerly neighbor ranked in a tie for 12th on the list, while Florida finished sixth, thanks to a bottom-five ranking in WebMD’s “Most Sleepy Survey.”  

With 2023 freshly upon us and Americans far and wide looking to make better choices, it seems that many in the state should aim to hit the sheets at an earlier hour.  

At the very least, perhaps with the work-from-home boom that the pandemic incubated, maybe the state’s commuting crunch will ease in 2023, allowing Georgia to slide down the list by this time next year. 


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