Where Georgia Stands Among The Least Book-Loving States In U.S.

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The state of Georgia has been the backdrop of countless literary classics in U.S. history, though you wouldn’t know it by the state’s literary ranking. With National Read A Book Day arriving on Sept. 6, we decided to look at the states who love to read the most.  

BetGeorgia.com put a bookmark in Georgia sports betting updates and utilized two combined data points to develop the ranking of the 50 states in terms of loving books. We used WordsRated.com to get the average annual library visits per capita in 2023 and Google Trends to get the searches for “Amazon Kindle” over the past 12 months (August 2022-August 2023) Once acquiring that information, we averaged out the ranking of the states to get our final list.  

States That Love Reading Books the Least

Georgia sportsbook apps will not have this information for you, but we like to cover all things surrounding the Peach State. Here's where the Peach State ranked nationally by those metrics, compared with the rest of the country.

Rank, State Library Visits Rank Kindle Search Rank Average Pts.
50. Mississippi 50 50 50
49. Texas 48 42 45
48. Louisiana 43 46 44.5
47. North Dakota 49 34 41.5
46. New Jersey 42 40 41
45. Georgia 37 42 39.5
44. Florida 41 37 39
T-43. New York 31 45 38
T-43. Nebraska 33 43 38
41. Nevada 26 48 37
40. West Virginia 36 37 36.5
39. New Mexico 25 46 35.5
38. Pennsylvania 46 24 35
37. Alabama 39 28 33.5
36. Minnesota 44 19 31.5

Georgia Among Least Book-Loving States

Georgia finished our survey ranked as the sixth-least book-loving state in the country, at 39.5, sandwiched between New Jersey (41) and Florida (39). The national bellwether states when it comes to books were Mississippi and Texas, which finished No. 50 and 49, respectively, with scores of 50 and 45.  

Other Southern states that ranked in the bottom 15 nationally were Louisiana (48th, at 44.5),  Florida (44th), and Alabama (37th, at 33.5).  The rest of the bottom five in the country by our metrics were North Dakota (41.5) and New Jersey (41) — while New York and Nebraska rounded out the top 10 nationally, at 38 apiece.  


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