What Are The Most Popular Podcasts In Georgia?

Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

If it seems like everyone is starting a podcast these days, it’s because they kind of are. There are currently over 3 million podcasts available to download. Clearly, the podcasting industry has grown exponentially since on-demand digital talk shows became available around the beginning of the new millennium. But with so many different shows to choose from, it can be overwhelming — even with many podcast services ranking the top shows by category.

To that end, BetGeorgia.com decided to break from our usual Georgia sports betting updates to find out what the most popular podcasts were in The Peach State. In order to rate the top pods, we first visited ThePodcasting.org to find their “Most Popular Podcasts in the US” list. Then we took those results and ran them through Google Trends to see which were the most searched for within Georgia over the past 12 months.

Favorite Podcasts in Georgia

Below you’ll find the top five podcasts in the Peach State, ranked by their share of search engine traffic within Georgia state lines. This is information you wouldn't find on Georgia betting apps, but you'll see which podcast would be obvious to bet on for the most popular.

Podcast Search Volume
The Joe Rogan Experience52%
Crime Junkie22%
Call Her Daddy18%
My Favorite Murder6%
The Ben Shapiro Show2%

Georgia Loves The Joe Rogan Experience

Anyone familiar with the podcast space could probably have guessed that “The Joe Rogan Experience” would top out at number one on our list of Georgia’s favorite podcasts. Currently averaging around 11 million downloads per show, “The Joe Rogan Experience” has a devoted listenership who tune in weekly to hear Rogan’s frank conversations with guests from all walks of life.

There have been over 2,000 episodes of the show, but the most popular episode is number 1,169, which features Elon Musk smoking a joint during an interview with Rogan in 2018. Not only was the incident meme’d to death online, but it caused Tesla’s stock price to crash by 9%. 

In 2020, Rogan became Spotify’s podcast king by inking s $200 million dollar deal with the streaming music titan. Meanwhile, the most popular program last year on Apple’s podcast platform is “Crime Junkie” hosted by Ashley Flowers, with help from longtime BFF Brit Prawat. It’s also the second most popular podcast in Georgia.

Each episode of “Crime Junkie” tackles a new case from the world of true crime. The pod has been praised for its in-depth examination of facts and evidence, as well as its sympathetic and well-reasoned approach to the true crime genre.

Another Spotify-exclusive pod ranks as the third most popular show in Georgia. “Call Her Daddy” is hosted by Alex Cooper — or “Father Cooper” per her Instagram handle. The show follows a loose conversational format, featuring frequent celebrity guests while tackling topics surrounding dating, sex, and modern womanhood.

The fourth most popular podcast in Georgia is "My Favorite Murder.” Starring comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, “My Favorite Murder” is a humorous take on the true crime genre, where the hosts delve into murder mysteries from the past in a lighthearted, conversational way.

Hosted by the divisive right-wing commentator, “The Ben Shapiro Show” is the fifth most popular podcast in Georgia. With six episodes a week, Ben Shapiro brings his own brand of analysis and commentary to current affairs and the issues of the day.


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