Georgia’s Favorite Ballpark Snacks Revealed

Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

MLB Opening Day is only ten sleeps away. But as much as we’re salivating for the return of Major League Baseball, like millions of other fans, we’re just as anxious go and feast upon the delicious snacks and confectionary to be had inside the ballpark.

That’s why is taking a snack break from Georgia sports betting updates to conduct a delicious research project and investigate the state’s favorite ballpark snacks. Using Google Trends data since 2019, we found and ranked the top ten concession stand fares most commonly found across the nation’s baseball stadiums. Check out the full results below.

Atlanta Braves’ Fan's Favorite Ballpark Snacks

Rank Item Search Interest Score
1 Burger65
2 Ice Cream36
3 Pizza29
4 Hot Dog7
5 Peanuts6
6 Popcorn5
T-7 Funnel Cake4
T-7 Milkshake4
9 Candy3
10 Sub Sandwhich2

Burger Over The Classic Hot Dog?

We’ve got bad news for hot dog truthers, the burger is by far the favorite ballpark snack amongst Georgia residents. Visitors to the Brave’s home stadium, Truist Park, are fortunate to have access to one of the nation’s top burgs. The H+F double stack cheeseburger has gained a massive following over the years — despite (or perhaps because) only being available in a limited quantity for many years.

Until recently, Atlanta’s most sought-after patty could only be obtained from Holman & Finch Public House after 10 pm at night. What’s more, the pub would only sell 24 burgers per night. Thankfully times have changed, and these days the beloved burger can be found near sections 159, 315, and 335 at Truist Park.

Ice cream ranks out as the second favorite ballpark snack, with its position possibly boasted by the souvenir baseball helmets its served in. These team-branded mini-helmets have become a popular collector’s item for baseball fans across the country. Meanwhile, ol’ reliable pizza grabs the third sport.

The aforementioned hot dogs find themselves all the way down at number four. Meanwhile, another quintessential ballpark snack, peanuts, lands in fifth place. At least, peanut fans can take solace in the fact that “crackerjacks” weren’t even listed amongst Georgia’s favorite snacks at the old ball game.

The rest of the rankings are rounded out with popcorn at six, funnel cakes and milkshakes tied for seventh, candy in the ninth spot, and the classic sub sandwich ranked tenth.

Of course, after last year’s disappointing NLDS loss, Braves fans are hungry for more than just snacks. Keep it locked on all season long as we follow the team’s fight for another shot at the World Series. We will also keep you updated on the latest sports betting news, and provide you with expert reviews on the best Georgia betting apps expected to come to the Peach State once legal. 


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