What Are Georgia's Favorite Airlines?

Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

Georgia residents know a thing or two about flying. After all, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is considered the busiest air travel hub in the world, seeing over 250,000 passengers pass through per day on average. This is largely because ATL is just a two-hour flight away from 80 percent of the U.S. population. 

So with travel and flight always front of mind here in the Peach State, BetGeorgia.com has decided to take a break from our ongoing coverage of Georgia sports betting legalization, and instead rank the state’s favorite airlines. Using Google Trends to analyze the search engine interest for the nation's air carriers, we pulled up results from the last 90 days (December - March) to determine the five flight operators Georgians love best.

Favorite Airlines of Georgia Residents

RankAirlineInterest Over Time
1Delta Air Lines99
2Spirit Airlines30
3American Airlines24
4Southwest Airlines16
5Frontier Airlines8

Delta Tops the List

It’s certainly no surprise to see Delta named as the top airline in Georgia considering its world headquarters is right here in Atlanta. Founded in 1925, Delta operates over 4,000 daily flights, serving 190 million customers in 2023. Planes can be found worldwide, with major international hubs in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo. 

Coming in at number two, Spirit Airlines is known for its vibrant yellow planes and no-frills travel options. Unlike Delta, with its major footprint in international travel, the vast majority of Spirit flights operate between domestic marketplaces. But this bare-bones option is very appealing to frugal flyers.

Although it is only third on our list of Georgia’s favorite airlines, American Airlines is actually the biggest air travel operator in the country. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas the airline oversees over 6,000 flights per day between the mainline brand and American Airlines’ regional affiliates.

At number four, is Southwest Airlines, another smaller operator that focuses on the domestic market. One particular quirk about Southwest is that they do not offer assigned seating. This “first come, first served” open seating policy, is polarizing amongst flyers, but the simplified boarding process is one way that the airline is able to keep prices down.

Finally, Frontier Airlines rounds out our list of the top five airlines according to Georgia residents. Based out of Denver, Colorado, they’re another low-cost carrier. One of Frontier’s key selling points are its direct flights, with many going to desirable vacation spots like Las Vegas and Orlando.

Wherever you’re off to, remember BetGeorgia.com is here for all the latest sports betting news updates as legislation continues to inch forward. In the meantime, check out our expert reviews of the best Georgia sportsbook apps that are expected to come to the Peach State once legalized. 


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